Stormboard for Individuals


An easy way to get started for individuals or teams of 5 or less who are new to Stormboard.




Features include:

  • 5 open Storms
  • 5 users per Storm
  • Microsoft Office 365 (view only)
  • Google Drive (view only)
  • Basic Reporting + Exports
  • Pre-made templates
  • Integrations with Slack, Teams, Flow + more
Stormboard for Teams


For small-to-medium sized teams that are looking for more advanced features for their meetings and collaborations.



Per user, per month billed monthly

* $8.33 if billed annually

Features include:

  • Unlimited open Storms
  • Charged per user
  • 10 Storm viewers
  • Multiple Storm Administrators
  • Microsoft Office 365 (live co-editing)
  • Google Drive (live co-editing)
  • Advanced Reporting + Exports
  • Pre-made templates
  • Ability to customize all templates
  • Folders
  • Data import
  • Substorms
  • Integrations with Slack, Teams, Flow + more
Stormboard for Enterprise


For companies looking for an innovative solution that will transform the way they do business.


Contact us for
a quote


All Business features, plus:



* Education Plans are FREE
until June 30, 2022


Features include:

  • Unlimited Storms
  • Unlimited users per Storm — so the whole class can participate!
  • Access to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive so you can co-edit documents
  • + more!



Per user, per month billed monthly


Features include:

  • Unlimited open Storms
  • Charged per user
  • 5 Storm viewers
  • Microsoft Office 365 (live co-editing)
  • Google Drive (live co-editing)
  • Basic + Reporting + Exports
  • Pre-made templates + ability to customize template headings
  • Integrations with Slack, Teams, Flow + more

Comparison chart of all plans and features

Realtime Whiteboards
Index Cards
Legend Color Palettes
Line Connectors
Advanced Line Connectors
Idea Import
Microsoft Surface Hub
SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO)
Invoice by Purchase Order
Priority Support & Training
Data Retention
Data Security & Compliance
Audit Logs
Meeting Analytics
Microsoft Office Online View OnlyLive Co-editingLive Co-editingLive Co-editing
Google Drive View OnlyLive Co-editingLive Co-editingLive Co-editing
Storage 20MB / user1GB1GB1GB
Storm Contributors 5 per stormUnlimited (charged per user)Unlimited (charged per user)Unlimited (charged per user)
Free Storm Viewers 510Unlimited
Storm Administrators 1 per storm1 per stormMultiple per stormMultiple per storm
Multiple Storm Administrators
Team Administrators 11Multiple
Word Cloud
Votes, Tasks
Storm Screenshot
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
Section Resizing
Custom Section Titles
Custom Section Colors
Custom Section Types
Section Splitting
Saved Templates
Fully Customized Templates
Branded Templates
Two-Factor Authentication
*Single Sign On
*Single Tenant
*Setup/Configuration fees apply.
Standard Support
Priority Support

Do you want to see Stormboard's features in action before you commit?

High-performing teams
that use Stormboard include

High-performing teams that use Stormboard

We did a strategic workshop with various stakeholders to achieve a shared understanding of the business objective and challenges. With 12 people distributed in 3 locations (New York, San Francisco and London) there was no way we could’ve done the workshop effectively without Stormboard. In addition to the great intuitive tool that requires almost no learning, Stormboard provides a superb customer service that went above and beyond to support our workshop.

Managing Director,

We used Stormboard to help run engaging collaborative workshops with participants in Brasil, China, Chicago, California, Australia and New Zealand. We had more engagement than we often get in physical workshops and the performance of the system was flawless. A great product that has taken virtual collaboration to another level.

Senior User Experience Designer,

Stormboard saved us $80,000 and made our international meeting more engaged, effective and actionable.

Robert E. Joyce, Jr.
Norican Group

We keep your content secure

Thousands of companies trust Stormboard — protecting you and your data is our top priority. With Stormboard, your ideas are transmitted over a 256 bit SSL (bank-grade) internet connection and your meeting space is accessible by invite only.

Strong Data Encryption

All data transfer to and from our Cloud services is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Stormboard's implementation of TLS uses strong ciphers and protocols by default.

Hosted on AWS

We use the industry's gold standard hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of Stormboard's services.

You can read more about their security here.

Operational Security

Access to Stormboard's systems, and your data, is restricted to only those who need access in order to provide you with the best support possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A "user" is anyone that has a Stormboard account.

Your subscription is priced per user (per person). If you are the person who is signing up for a subscription (the Team Creator) using your credit card, you will pay for yourself and anyone that you add to your Stormboard Team.

As the Team Creator, you are also automatically the Team Administrator which means that you control the users that are on your Team (you can add or remove them), and the functionality that they have.

If you are invited to someone else’s Team you will become a user on their Team and be added to their bill.

Read our help document for more information: What types of users are there in Stormboard?

No. Signing up for the Personal plan is completely free and doesn't require a credit card.

Yes, a credit card is required for all paid subscriptions. All monthly subscriptions come with a 30-day trial. Before your trial expires, you'll be sent an email notifying you that your paid subscription will begin soon.

You have unlimited access to all of the plan’s features during your trial — there will be no charges until your trial ends.

The Team Administrator (the person who signed up for the trial) will need to log into their account and then invite people to an individual Storm (what we call your digital workspace), or to your Team. Once your colleagues receive an invitation, they will be prompted to create an account and be added to your Team.

There are a few options when your trial expires. You can choose to purchase a subscription for the plan you were trialing, or downgrade to a different plan.

Yes! Click here to view our education pricing.

Yes! Stormboard offers a 25% discount on annual plans for certified non-profit organizations. Choose your plan and then contact us to apply your discount.

At the end of your billing cycle, the number of users is the total enabled users on your account. You can disable users that are not involved in any Storms, and they will be removed from the next billing cycle. Users that log into their accounts or are in an open Storm during a billing cycle are automatically re-enabled and added to your bill.

Not if you are signing up for our Personal, Startup, or Business Plans — you can cancel anytime.

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a plan at any time. Your new pricing will be effective your next billing cycle.

Yes, annual plans are available for our Business and Enterprise Subscriptions.

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. Purchase Orders available for contracts greater than $5,000.

All prices are in US Dollars.

Visit the Help section of our website and either browse through the articles or type some keywords into the search bar at the top of the page.

Still can’t find the answer? Contact us and we will be sure to answer your query ASAP!