Generate & Capture Ideas

Quickly add sticky notes, photos and videos to a shared wall. Generate more high quality ideas as everyone can contribute with their own authentic voice on their own device.

Comment on Ideas

All ideas have a comment thread allowing your team to clarify, debate and refine ideas. This gives you both better ideas and captures the discussion for future reference or debate.

Prioritize your Ideas

Users get 'dots' to vote on their favorite ideas. They can add all their votes to one idea or spread them around. With one click, instantly see what ideas your team likes and dive deeper on the best ideas.


Instantly generate innovation reports rather than waiting weeks to transcribe a photo of a whiteboard. Export everything to a spreadsheet enabling you to get ideas into your other corporate tools.

Connect Remote Teams

Collaborate in realtime or on your own time (synchronously or asynchronously). Invite everyone into a single storm and everyone gets to actively participate rather than watching someone broadcast their screen. We're Stormboard not stormbored.


Stormboard models your existing business processes using templates. Templates are great for capturing, organizing, prioritizing and reporting on your processes. We have a library of great templates and can customize both the templates and reports to your specifications.


When using Stormboard on your phone, your ideas are shown in a list view. This makes it super easy to add and search for ideas. It updates in real-time so no matter who is adding ideas on their device, you’ll see it happen instantly.

When you turn your phone horizontally, the Stormboard interface changes to the spatial view of Stormboard to make it easy to move ideas where you want.

When someone updates a storm you’ll get a push notification on your phone making it quick for you to respond and keep the discussion flowing.


Everything in Stormboard are transmitted over a SSL encrypted connection so no one can intercept your ideas. Enterprise users may even opt for client side encryption for an unprecedented level of security. Bottom line, your ideas are safe on Stormboard.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Stormboard for Surface Hub lets you use Stormboard on a massive 55” or 84” Surface Hub touchscreen. Write on sticky notes with one of two pens that come with the Surface Hub and in realtime it converts to text.

Stormboard on a 55” or 84” touchscreen lets you take advantage of the front of the room whiteboard experience.

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