Getting Started
Create a Storm
Click , name your storm and click okay. You can change the template after your storm is created.
Add Content
To add content to a Storm, simply double click where you want the new sticky created. Then, select a Sticky type, add the appropriate content (either text, photo, video, document or whiteboard) and press enter (or the checkmark in the top corner. That's it!
Invite People
Storms are designed to be collaborative. Invite some friends or colleagues to participate!
  1. Select the Invite Users button at the bottom of the storm.
  2. Copy the Storm URL OR the Storm ID and Key and send it to anyone you want to invite. OR.
  3. Enter the user's email and we will send them an invitation.

If your invitees haven't received your invite, ask them to check their spam folder (or in Gmail the Promotions tab) as some email programs filter our invites. You will also see any outstanding invites in the Invites Dashboard on your Stomboard home page.

Additional Notes Regarding Adding Team Members to Startup & Team Plans
  1. If you are on a Startup or Team subscription anyone invited to your storms will be added to your team and will gain access to the Startup or Team features (depending on your plan).
  2. They will also be able to invite other team members to their own storms (created in the Free, Startup or Team plan).
  3. All storms private and available only to participants that have been specifically invited to them. Members of your team do not automatically gain access to all storms and must be invited to each one individually, as needed.
Choosing a Template
Click the template button to open our template picker.

Stormboard has around 200 templates, you can search for a template using keywords to find the right template for you.

With the blank template is that you can start adding ideas to the Storm and then later decide how best to organize those ideas.
How can I tell who I've invited to a storm?

You can see who you've invited to a storm in the Invites Dashboard that will appear on your homepage when you have outstanding or bounced invites.

How do I reset my password?
On the top right corner of the screen, select the button with your avatar: NamePlate. Then, select the Change Password option from the drop-down menu.
How do I upgrade, cancel or downgrade my subscription?
As long as you are signed into Stormboard, you can visit: and upgrade or downgrade your account.
Where do I find my account information?
You can access your account information from the profile badge in the top right corner of your browser, e.g.: . Click this badge and select Account Settings where you will be able to access your:
  •    Name
  •    Profile Picture
  •    Notifications
  •    Password
  •    Connected Apps
  •    Billing History
How do I close my account?
If you aren't on a subscription plan, Stormboard is free so there is no need to close your account. You can come back anytime. To change to the free plan goto: and select the free plan.

If you don't ever want to come back, you can delete your account forever by going to your account page and clicking the [Delete My Account] button.
Does everyone need an account? Can I be involved in a storm without setting up an account?
All users require an account so we can track ideas, comments and votes by user. This makes for great reporting, accountability, and privacy of access.
How do I comment?
You can comment on any Sticky simply by clicking the button on the bottom left hand corner of a sticky and typing your comment.
Can I delete or edit a comment?
Yes, you can delete and edit your own comments. Storm administrators can delete anyones comments.
How do I leave general comments about the Storm?
The best way to leave general comments is to use the Chat feature of Stormboard. On the bottom left corner of the screen, there are three buttons: . Click the Chat button and the chat window will emerge.
How do I know if there are new comments?
There are two ways:
  1. When a Sticky has an new or unread comment, the speech bubble on the sticky will be filled in and will have a red number beside it for the number of comments made: . If there are read comments, the speech bubble will be a solid color: .
  2. Furthermore, you can quickly scan the viewfinder for Stickies with a red border. Clicking the Sticky in the viewfinder will center the storm on that sticky.
How do I edit the Legend?
On the right hand side of the Storm, there is a Legend that contains the color palette. Storm administrators can edit the names for the colors by hovering over the color and clicking the Legend that appears. Type in a new name and press Enter.

The reporting and exporting will reflect the names that you add to the legend.
How do I minimize/maximize the legend?
Click the tab at the top of the legend to minimize or maximize the legend if it's in the way.

Mobile and Tablets
Is there an iPhone, Android Phone or Windows Phone App?
Yes, we have a special version for your phone. Because your phone screen is smaller than your computer, Stormboard on your phone is more of a list view. This makes it easy to add and search for ideas. Turn your phone sideways and you instantly get a spatial view of your storm so you can move your ideas around!

Download here: iOS and Android
Is there an iPad or Tablet app?
Yes! Stormboard works great in the iPad browser. We also have an iOS and Android app.
Does Stormboard work on my tablet?
Stormboard works using the web browser in your iPad, Android Tablet or Microsoft Surface. We also have native iPad and Android and Windows 10 apps.
Who can see my Storms?
The only people who can see your Storms are those you invite.

Can Stormboard see my Storms?
No, Stormboard cannot access any data in your Storms. Your Storms are completely private.
If you have a technical support issue, you may need to invite us to the Storm. After we've fixed it, we will remove ourselves from the Storm.
Are my ideas transmitted securely?
We use a secure bank grade 256 bit SSL connection, so all your ideas are secure during transmission between your browser and our servers.
How do I make reports?
Making a report couldn't be easier. At the bottom of the Storm, click the reports button: Reports. At the current time, we support four types of reports:
-A graphical representation of the words most commonly used in a Storm.
Summary Report (PDF)
-The summary report includes Usage data, Ideas, Comments, and Vote count for a Storm, nicely formatted in a PDF document.
Excel Report (XLS)
-Exporting your Storm to a spreadsheet (XLS) will give you all the power of Excel for analyzing your Storm.
Wall View (PDF)
-The Wall View report preserves the visual nature of your Storm. The PDF report looks exactly like your Storm.
Outline (HTML)
-The Outline report exports to a web page (html) as a list which includes the section headings with the sticky notes and index cards nested beneath them.
Microsoft Word
-The Microsoft Word is very similar to the Outline report, but instead of an html page it is exported to a .doc file that can be opened in Word.
Microsoft PowerPoint
-The PowerPoint report will export each of your sections as a slide within a PowerPoint presentation, with the heading placed at the top of the slide and the information from each sticky note and index card listed below.
-These exports give you your storm data in three popular data interchange formats. These exports include all ideas, index cards and all ideas inside those index cards.
Read more about our reporting options here.
Can I make custom reports?
We do offer custom reporting, but only for Team subscribers. We're able to customize your report with your logo, additional detail, and even present it in a style and file format of your choice.
Who can create reports?
Only storm participants with admin capabilities can create reports from a storm. This means the creator of the storm or anyone they've assigned admin capabilities to.
How do I add an idea?
An Idea is a Sticky with text on it. You can add an Idea by double clicking anywhere on the Storm. Wherever you click is where the idea will show up.

You can turn on rapid fire mode and a fresh dialog will automatically popup so you can quickly add another idea.

How do I edit an idea?
You can edit ideas in two ways:
  1. Double click the Sticky.
  2. Click the Cog in the corner of the sticky and select Edit.
Can I edit a sticky created by someone else?
Yes. This function can be turned on or off by the storm admin in the Storm Setup window. This feature is only available to paid subscribers.
  1. Click the Cog in the corner of the sticky and select Edit or double click on the sticky.
  2. To see the changes made to a sticky click on the Cog and select Sticky History:
    Sticky History
To read more about editing sticky notes created by others, click here.
How do I delete a Sticky?
Click the Cog in the corner of the Sticky and select Delete. (This cannot be undone.) Storm Administrators can delete any stickies. Users can only delete their own stickies.
What kind of Stickies can I add?
There are six kinds of Stickies:
  1. Sticky

    Text, whiteboard, images, videos, index cards and files.
How do I add photos?
You can add photos in two ways:
  1. Drag & drop the photo into the Storm.
  2. Double click the wall to add an idea and select the Photo image button. Then, use the Choose Image button to find the photo on your computer, from Box or Onedrive.
How do I select multiple Stickies?
Press and hold the Shift key and click on a blank area on the storm and drag the cursor to select as many Stickies as you like. The selected sticky notes will be highlighted in blue.

A menu will show up at the top allowing you to align images to a grid, change their color or copy/move ideas.
How do I add videos?
Create a sticky note and then select the video option. You can either search for a video or paste in your YouTube video url. Click the checkmark and the video will be embedded into your storm!
What is an Index Card/Substorm
Substorms allow your to have a Storm within a Storm. Users on the Team Subscription, can drill into any Index Card where it can have its own template and there is no limit to how far Index Cards can be nested.
How do I create an Index Card?
You create an Index Card in two ways:
  1. Select the Index Card button above the Sticky note in the top left corner of the Storm. Then, create just as you would a regular sticky.
  2. Click the Cog on the regular sticky, then select Make Index Card. This will convert the Sticky to an Index Card.
How do I add ideas to an Index Card?
You can add ideas to an Index Card in three ways:
  1. You can drag stickies and drop them on top of the Index Card
  2. Click on the Index Card in order to create a new sticky/line
  3. Enter the Substorm by clicking the stack icon on the top of the Index Card and then creating stickies in the usual way.
How do I change the color of a Sticky?
You can change the color in two ways:
  1. Before creating a new Sticky, select the color you would like from the legend on the left hand side of the Storm.
  2. Click the Cog on a Sticky and then select the color you want from the drop-down menu.
How do I Lock/Unlock a Sticky?
You can lock a sticky in place by clicking the Cog and then selecting Lock Sticky. You can unlock a sticky by following the same steps and selecting .
When a sticky is locked, you will see a thumbtack pinning it to the Storm. It cannot be moved or edited in any way while locked.
Can I copy an idea to another Storm?
Yes! Simply click the Cog on the Sticky and select Copy/Move to.... Then follow the prompts.
Can I include hyperlinks in Ideas?
Yes! If the URL contains a www, like, then just type that and Stormboard will automatically convert the text to a link. If the URL doesn't, then make sure you include 'http://'. We'll hyperlink these automatically, there's no need for you to include any HTML code.
How do I leave a Substorm?
If you are using a Storm and enter a Substorm through an Index Card, you can return to the parent Storm by simply clicking the name of the parent Storm at the top of the screen.

When you are within a Substorm, if you look to the top of the Storm, you will see a little Home icon, then a > and the name of the parent Storm. Then, another > and the name of the first Substorm, and so on until you see the name of the Substorm you are currently viewing. Each of these names are clickable. Clicking any one of them will lead you back to that Storm or Substorm.
Can I change the size of my sticky notes?
No, all sticky notes (text, image, document, video & whiteboard) are the same size so they can all be judged equally and it makes it easier to keep your storms aligned and tidy.
Can I write on the board or draw lines between stickies?

Stormboard does not allow drawing directly on the board instead you can open a whiteboard sticky to draw out your ideas. You can connect ideas by mousing over a sticky and dragging one of the four arrows that pop up around the sticky to another sticky.

If you're looking to customize templates, refer to our Templates Help for information on creating custom templates.

How do I see who created the sticky notes or ideas?
In order to see who has created the sticky notes in your storm the administrator needs to:
  1. Select the Storm Setup menu from the bottom menu
  2. Turn the Show Idea Creators option to Show.
How do I import multiple ideas?
Our team subscription plan allows for inputting of ideas from an Excel or .csv file. One sticky note is create per row of the file. Click the Import button at the bottom of your storm, select the file and click import.
How do I draw lines between stickies?
When you mouse over a sticky, four arrows will show up surrounding the sticky, drag one of those arrows to another sticky and it will connect them.
How do I create a Storm?
To create a Storm click the create a storm button, enter the name of the storm and you're ready to go.
How do I invite people to a Storm?
  1. Select the Invite Users button on the left hand side of the Storm.
  2. Use the Invite Users button on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Share the Storm URL or Storm ID and Key with the user -OR- enter the user's email and we will send them an invitation.
  4. You can monitor your outstanding storm invites with the Outstanding Invites dashboard that will appear on your home page. You can also re-send and cancel invites from there.
How do I close a Storm?
Closing a Storm is easy, but you can only do it if you are an Owner/Creator of the Storm you want to close.
To close a Storm, click the Setup menu at the bottom of the Storm. Then in the pop-up menu, bottom left, select Close This Storm.
How do I duplicate or copy a Storm?
This is an administrator feature. Simply go to: and click the Duplicate button on the right hand side of the screen.
How do I know if there is activity in my Storm?
Within a Storm the Activity button, Activity Badge will have a number badge indicating how many actions have taken place since you last logged in. Clicking on individual entries will take you to the relevant Sticky.
How do I change the template in a storm?
To change your storm template click the Setup menu at the bottom of the Storm.
How do I open a storm I previously closed?
Click on the Storms menu item at the top of the page and select Closed Storms from the dropdown menu. Once on the Closed Storms page simply find the storm you want to re-open and click the Re-Open Storm button to the right of it. The storm should now show in your active storms again.
Who is the admin of a storm?

The admin of a storm is automatically the person who created it. If you would like to have more than one admin on a storm the storm creator will need to assign administrator capabilities. This can be done by hovering over the participant's avatar in the participant board and click the "Make Storm Administrator" button.

Admin capabilities can be revoked at any time by the creator of the storm.

Multiple administrators are only available to Team subscribers.

How do I rename or change the title or name of the storm?
Click on the storm setup button and change the Storm Name or click on the storm title in the storm and edit it right in the storm.
What are the benefits to a paid subscription?
You can see all the features on the Stormboard Pricing page.
How do I disable users on my team?
You can disable users that aren't in any open Storms at: When disabled, they won't be billed on the following billing cycle. Users are automatically re-activated if they login or if they are invited to an active Storm.
How do I deactivate a person who's no longer with the company and I want permanently removed?
Please use our contact form to send us an email containing the email address of the person you'd like removed from your team and we will remove them.
How do I create templates?
Creating templates is available on our paid subscriptions. There are 3 options:
  1. If you chose one of the "Section Templates" you can change the section headings by clicking on the Section Cog in the upper right hand corner of each section.
  2. We're happy to build templates, at no charge, if it's a template that we think other users would like and we can add to our library. Please contact us about this option.
  3. If you want a truly custom template with your own private processes, branding, or colors, we're happy to do that as a consulting service. In this case your template will be available for only your team.
How do I create my own template?
Custom templates are available to our Enterprise customers and Edistorm will work with you to define templates that match your process and branding.
How to I customize the template section titles?
This feature is currently only available to our paid subscribers.
You can only customize the titles of sections in the Sections Templates, for now (These are the 3, 4, 5, 6,... section templates.)
You do this by clicking the Section Cog in the corner of the section whose title you'd like to change. Then, in the menu that pops-up, you can change the digit or the title associated with that section.
How do I resize the templates?
If you need more space on your storm to hold more stickies, simply click the templates button which opens our template picker.

You can then choose the size of the template.

Your ideas will automatically stay in their proper sections, but you'll have more room for your ideas.
How do I vote on a Sticky?
When an idea has not been voted on yet there will be a 0 Votes that shows up at the bottom of the sticky. To vote on the idea, click this icon Voting and add or remove votes as needed. You can see how many votes you have available in the section above the participant avatars. Remaining Votes
Can I vote more than one time on a sticky note?
Yes! Just click the + sign again.
How do I remove a vote from a sticky note?
To remove a vote, simply click the red -.
How do I change the number of votes per user?
If you are an administrator or owner of a Storm, you can click the Settings button at the bottom of the Storm. On the pop-up menu, there is a space to change the number of Votes Per Participant.
Unable to Connect to Realtime Server

If you receive this error message when logging in to a storm, it typically means that you are behind a firewall that is blocking a connection to our Realtime Server.

Our Realtime Server handles all the realtime actions in Stormboard such as ideas adding, moving, deleting, etc.

Steps to Resolve this issue:

  1. Refresh your screen and see if it was a temporary connectivity issue
  2. Contact your IT department or administrator and request that they add a firewall rule to allow:
  3. Contact Stormboard support

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